Smart Cities Starter Kit

We design and deploy sensing platforms that enable smart cities.

Smart Cities Starter Kit

The Smart Cities Starter Kit offers a complete, end-to-end smart cities solution for air quality monitoring. Using an innovative and modern monitoring network based on Internet of Things technology, we sample PM2.5 levels in near-real time frequency. PM 2.5 is one of the most important measures of air quality. It’s a size of particle in the air that happens to spread farther, and affect our health more deeply.

Our low-cost sensors can be deployed widely to provide geographic coverage and resolution that is unmatched anywhere else. And, with the sensor network, you get the IoT Platform required to manage the data, front-facing data visualization sites, and sensor management dashboards. You also get our easy-to-use API and SDKs, just in case you want to create custom analyses or websites.

The Smart Cities Starter Kit is for municipalities, schools and school districts, air quality associations, and industries subject to emissions regulation.

Benefits of the Smart Cities Starter Kit

Great Coverage

  • Monitor environmental conditions over a large area at low cost
  • High-resolution both geographically and temporally

Healthier Choices

  • Notify vulnerable citizens when air quality is bad in their area
  • Warn in advance of poor conditions, using the trend monitoring feature

Track Progress

  • Engage the public in air quality monitoring and increase support for air quality programs
  • Establish baseline conditions and track both natural and initiative-based changes

Open Data Ready

Regulatory Compliance

  • Meet obligations to mitigate potential harm, and notify should the worst happen
  • Generate priority call lists in plume areas using advanced geospatial analytics paired with spatial contact databases
  • Platform combines spatial information including contact information, location of vulnerable populations, wind speed and direction, topography, expected propagation

What’s in the Package

You can deploy the sensors yourself, or engage volunteers (we call them smart citizens). We’ve tested the whole program end-to-end with volunteers, and we know they love it!

20-50 low-cost air quality monitoring sensors.

The Smart Cities Platform to collect and manage the sensor data.

Sensor management dashboard for internal use.

Optional Smart Citizen Involvement

SensorUp Smart Cities Starter Kit is also a powerful citizen engagement platform. It is easy to use and effortless to set up. Any citizen can become involved in collecting information about their environment.

Information collected from all citizen sensors is shared in a common portal, accessible to everyone via the web.

Citizens enjoy being part of the larger project, and the combined sensor readings provide a public resource of information.

How it works

1. Collect


Low-cost high precision air quality sensors

2. Connect


Any network (WiFi, 3G, LoRA)

3. Compute


APPs, Dashboard, Air map, Prediction


Citizen volunteers “adopt” and deploy a sensor. 

SensorUp connects citizen sensors to our platform.

The data is collected and stored in the cloud in SensorUp’s SensorThings Platform. There, it can be managed, accessed, visualized, and analyzed.

A data sharing website shares the results, including mapped and time-series information, for public access, providing a public resource. 

SensorUp provides access to sensor data via our easy-to-use API.

Sensor data can be accessed via browser-based sensor management portals.

Screenshot 2016-03-22 09.36.54 - Copy
Screenshot 2016-03-22 09.34.21 - Copy

Even a small number of volunteers (20-50) adopting sensors provide an impressive city-wide project.

The project engages the community, showcases IoT possibilities, and provides useful data.

Data are combined and visualized in the data sharing website to provide information about baseline conditions, and make it possible to monitor changes.

Universal access to the data provides a public resource.