Integrated Environmental Monitoring

Integrated Environmental Monitoring using SensorUp’s SensorThings API Platform

SensorUp worked with the Reservoir and Geoscience group at InnoTech Alberta to construct an Integrated Environmental Monitoring Platform.

The Reservoir and Geoscience group at InnoTech Alberta maintains a number of environmental sensors at their research site in rural Alberta.

The sensors measure disparate phenomena including atmospheric conditions, surface water, groundwater, soil conditions, and deep subsurface.

The data collected help to expand our environmental monitoring capabilities. The research is finding new ways to automate and intelligently monitor geological Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and other applied environmental applications.

The research team commissioned SensorUp to construct a sensor management dashboard and data visualization platform.

The platform receives data from numerous disparate environmental monitoring sensors, across multiple monitoring domains

Public Data Access

SensorUp connected disparate sensors to a cloud-based SensorUp SensorThings API. All sensor datastreams can now be accessed online via a single, web-based portal. The portal includes in-page visualization, mapping, and browsing.

The same portal also allows the team to manage their sensor fleet. They can do things like check the status of sensors and manipulate the associated entities. They can also see at a glance whether some readings are in a critical state, thanks to tailored thresholds and alerts.

Data are also shared publicly online, at 5-star open data levels. Account controls ensure that sensors and data cannot be accidentally changed. That way, stakeholders have access to pertinent information.

SensorUp’s Cloud

SensorUp’s Cloud acts as the bridge allowing the disparate sensors to interact with each other and with 3rd-party web applications. In this case, the sensors are the environmental sensors maintained by the InnoTech Alberta Reservoir and Geoscience group, at their research site in rural Alberta.

SensorUp provided the cloud, server, connection services, and web-accessible sensor management dashboard. Researchers have access to their sensors and sensor data, and the public can access data readings.

SensorUp’s IoT Platform is the world’s first ISO/OGC standards-compliant and geospatial-enabled Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for the IoT.

Disparate sensor data combined in a single, coherent spot

All data are accessible from a single visualization portal

All sensors are managed from a single sensor management dashboard

Sensor management dashboard and visualization portal are accessible via any browser

Data and visualizations are freely accessible to the public at 5-star open data levels

Different user accounts set permissions regarding what data and operations are accessible to administrators, users, and the general public

Sensors and sensor data are accessed, managed, and visualized in the browser-based portal