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November 12, 2016 | National Post

Big data will mean big benefits for smart cities

In the next few years, as the number of smartphones, sensors and other connected devices generating and sharing information grows by the tens of billions worldwide, the term ‘big data’ will seem like an understatement.

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Wildfire ashes, worsening air quality prompt call for city fire ban

Shifting winds dropped charred dust from stubborn B.C. forest flames over the city as fine particulate readings spiked overnight to 114 from a reading of 55 earlier Sunday, according to dozens of monitoring devices operated by

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Mon Jul 17 2017 | Metro

Explaining Calgary’s air quality advisory

According to Calgary company SensorUp, which has about 50 air quality sensors place around the city, what we’re experiencing is a huge amount of PM 2.5 particles. These are tiny particles that are so light that the air can carry them farther and longer.

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July 17, 2017 | Calgary Herald

Experts warns wildfire smoke severity in Calgary could worsen as B.C. fires rage

Fifty sensors set up by a city tech startup monitoring the level of particulates in the air shows the amount of fine debris earlier Monday in Calgary was at least 10 times the norm. The sensors picked up readings of 111, before they began falling back, said Coral Bliss Taylor of SensorUp.

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Mon Jul 17 2017 | CALGARY SUN

Smoke situation improving in Calgary

Calgarians are beginning to breathe a little easier as acrid smoke from B.C. wildfires dissipates. But health and wildfire experts are warning the health risk level of that smoke could increase again as blazes in B.C. forests continue to rage.

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April 14, 2016 | Read Write

SensorUp: IoT therapist for your dysfunctional device family

As modern households introduce more connected products, it becomes increasingly frustrating when devices won’t speak to each other. Canadian startup SensorUp is looking to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to play digital therapist for your array of gadgets, bringing them together into one happy connected family.

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Thu Apr 07 2016 | Metro

Calgary startup diving into Internet of Things

Liang and his company SensorUp are developing a standard of programming code which will allow different products to connect with each other, regardless of manufacturer. It means consumers won’t be trapped and forced to only buy products from a single company.

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