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Fifty (50!) volunteers throughout Calgary have each “adopted” an air quality sensor, plugged it in outside their home or office, and connected it to our smart cities platform.

OGC SensorThings API is an open standard for the Internet of Things cloud

OGC SensorThings API provides an open and unified way to interconnect IoT devices, data, and applications over the Web. SensorUp SensorThings platform is world’s first and the most advanced OGC SensorThings API implementation.

Data from all your different sensors, accessible in a single platform

SensorUp makes information from all different kinds of sensors accessible in a single platform, by using open standards to connect the sensors. Our IoT Platform is the world’s first, most complete, compliant implementation of the OGC SensorThings API.

SensorThings API was purpose-built for IoT, and manages low power, low bandwidth, and intermittent connectivity situations. The standard is REST-based and JSON encoded, so it’s developer friendly. Our easy-to-use APIs and SDKs can be understood and worked with in very little time.

Interoperability, Guaranteed!

Your connected application is better when multiple IoT devices work together. SensorUp breaks down barriers between IoT systems and lets information flow freely in your organization. Ultimate extensibility and flexibility!

ISO/OGC Standard Compliant

Worry about choosing an IoT platform that will be obsolete next year? Unlike existing proprietary IoT platforms, our platform is based on international, interoperable ISO and OGC IoT standards, and has much lower risks of becoming obsolete and no vendor lock-in.


Our Open Geospatial architecture let you integrate your IoT applications with existing GIS and GeoWeb infrastructure effortlessly. No matter your IoT application is for indoor or outdoor applications, we’ve got you covered.

Explore the Possibilities

See different applications based on SensorThings Cloud


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  • Choose the devices that work for you, combine their data in one place, and rest assured that the technology you depend on will not disappear: Open standards-based, using OGC SensorThings API, so you can exchange data more easily, avoid vendor lock-in, and enjoy longer product lifecycles
  • Get started right away, and easily: Ready-to-use platform and easy-to-use, developer-friendly experience with our APIs and SDKs
  • Get the most out of your location-based information: Best-in-class, expert geospatial capability, including indoor and outdoor, geographic and topological, current and historical locations, etc.

“77% of surveyed IoT experts claimed that Interoperability is the biggest challenge currently facing the Internet of Things”

IoT Nexus Report


Sense Your Smart City: Connect Environmental Sensors to SensorThings API

This webinar will be a hands-on tutorial showing you the steps connecting environmental sensors for your smart city application using the OGC SensorThings API standard specifications.Read More


Visualize Your Smart City: Build a Real-Time Smart City Dashboard for SensorThings API

This webinar will be a hands-on tutorial demonstrating the steps to construct a real-time smart city dashboard. The dashboard will use OGC SensorThings API as the data source. Read More


Analyze Your Smart City: Build Sensor Analytics with SensorThings API

This webinar will be a hands-on tutorial to develop a sensor analytics application using the SensorThings API.  SensorThings API offers a rich set of query functions that can be the basis for analytics. This tutorial will uncover these query functions.Read More


Build Interoperable Smart City Applications Effortlessly

This webinar will be a hands-on tutorial to use SensorThings API SDKs (e.g., SensorThings Arduino SDK, SensorThings Charts, SensorThings Maps, etc.) and develop an end-to-end smart city application with minimum coding efforts. Read More


Retrieve real-time readings from OGC SensorThings API

This is a short tutorial explaining how to retrieve the latest reading from a datastream. The static information can be retrieved with OGC SensorThings API via HTTP. The dynamic information can be retrieved with OGC SensorThings API MQTT.Read More

Comparison of SensorThings API and Sensor Observation Service

Comparison of SensorThings API and Sensor Observation Service

In this tutorial, we will discuss the interoperability between OGC SOS and SensorThings API. In summary, OGC SensorThings API can interoperate with SOS at both the data level and service interface level. Read More

Our Solution


Connect your sensors

Use our Quickstart Guide to begin connecting your sensors using the GUI, and/or learn to use our API. Alternatively, contact us for a custom sensor and network discovery with personalized connection service.


Model your data

Data from your connected sensors is automatically modeled in OGC SensorThings API standard when you use SensorUp’s STA Platform. This gives you fast access, intelligent contextual information, and interoperability with as many different sensing systems as you need.


Get answers

Use our easy API and SDK to access your sensor data. It’s JSON encoded, easy to access, and designed to put critical information at your fingertips, faster. If coding isn’t your thing, you can contact us for custom application development.

Stay up to date on open IoT!