More than LDAR: SensorUp’s Gas Emission Management Solution is Enterprise-wide Methane Management.

SensorUp reshapes methane management in the Oil & Gas industry by integrating diverse data sources to enable superior emission control, streamlined work order tasks, and cost-effective field service management. Your teams will thank you.
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Operations Team

All your detection in one place.  Efficiently manage, attribute and contextualize detections.  Take control of your assets.

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Emissions Analysts

Automation driven Reconciliation engine makes it easy to follow Veritas standard and produce better emission estimates

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Better data enables better capital decisions and faster progress towards ESG goals

SensorUp GEMS architecture
SensorUp’s Gas Emission Management Solution offers an end-to-end platform
that manages every detail of methane Measurement, Reporting, Verification, and Repair (MRVR).

Take Control of Your Assets

We get it - you need a better asset inventory. Take control of your assets to enable leak detection and repair (LDAR), reconciliation, asset planning, and regulatory needs.

GEMS Screens
Manage sites, facilities, equipment and components

Refresh asset models, relationships, and hierarchy with our geospatial asset manager. Simplify management of sites, facilities, equipment and components.

GEMS workflow screen
Integrate with ERP and Field Work Management Systems

Utilize our low-code integration platform for effortless connection with enterprise ERP systems, making asset data maintenance optimally streamlined

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Leverage Existing Assets

Easily use what you have, stay in sync, and augment your ERP asset inventory with virtual FLOCs to complete the job done and make it simple for IT teams to integrate.

Optimize your emission detection program

Nobody knows your operations like you.  Combine the best measurement technologies for your operations to achieve greater measurement efficiency and reduce emissions faster.

SensorUp GEMS Outpost screen
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Emission Sensor Integration

Connect with leading measurement providers such as Qube, Soofie, Kairos, and more. We're constantly expanding our integrations to enable your top-down reconciliations.

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Seamless Inspection Data Integration

Integrate Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) inspection data into your emission data fabric for crucial contextual understanding. Increase reconciliation efficiency, enable comprehensive review, and simplify auditing - all from a single platform.

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Integrate Operation Data

Create the context you require by integrating data from your operational systems including scheduled maintenance work orders, venting flaring and blowdowns, utilization data from SCADA systems and more.

Slash time-to-repair and Optimize Operations

SensorUp Mission Control Is Your Team's Integrated Platform For Detection Management, Seamlessly Handling Reconciliation, Attribution, And Repair Dispatch Tasks To Alleviate Manual Workload.

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Unified Detection Platform

Your Continuous Monitoring Systems, OGI, Satellite, and Aerial detections in one place.  Correlate, close, or take action in a single workflow.

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Contextualized Detections!

All your context is at your fingertips, so you don't need to chase it down. Our contextualization engine enriches detections with data from all your integrated operational systems.

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Take Action!

With just a click, deploy your OGI Inspectors or Field Operations team and monitor work in progress. Enhance automation and integrate your work systems more effectively with our workflow engine and integration platform.

Collaborate with your Field Service teams

Your ground truth is in the field.  Outpost FSM streamlines processes and empowers field services to respond to detections and update asset inventories while ensuring a seamless flow of data across the enterprise.

Eliminate Data Chaos: Eliminate the chaos of OGI Inspections and repair work orders scattered across multiple vendor systems. With a smooth inflow of data, resolution of detections and reconciliation becomes effortless.

Asset Inventories and OGI Inspections are Built-In: Control asset hierarchy in the field. Add new equipment under the FLOC according to asset schemas, making inventory management hassle-free.

ERP & FSM Integration: Use your own apps or trigger work-order processes in your ERP system with integration to SAP RFC, SAP ODATA, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and more!

Emission Estimates are Now Easy and More Accurate

Streamline reconciliation effortlessly with our powerful reconciliation engine. Automate the basics and prioritize analyst expertise where it matters most.

Automation & analyst empowerment

The EMS reconciliation engine automates emission estimates while empowering analysts to make expert judgments, apply overrides, and enable peer review.

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Compliance simplified

Compliant with Veritas and OGMP standards, EMS ensures precise emission estimates by reconciling detections, operational events, and bottom-up factors while maintaining audit compatibility.

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Find contextualized data

Effortlessly bridge the gap between emission estimates and crucial asset, detections, and operational data, providing robust support for informed expert judgments.

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Demonstrated value of measurement programs

Incorporate your top-down measurements to improve accuracy and empower better capital decision making.

Fuelling your ESG strategy for executives, regulators, and across your Enterprise.

Discover opportunities for emission reduction, track progress towards goals, improve capital efficiency, and enable regulatory reporting with powerful Insights.

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Deep insights empower your executive to discover opportunities and monitor emission goals.
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Easy monthly reporting workflows to enable regulatory reporting
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Business Continuity Management
SensorUp GEMS Site level dashboardSensorUp GEMS Emissions Equipment Group

We want to make an impact

Our mission at SensorUp is to help our energy sector customers tackle
what the IEA has called the “cheapest option” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our economy.

We have the support of leading
climate investors

We prioritize adherence to
industry standards

Leading investors including Climate Investment (founded by OGCI) and Evok Innovations have invested in helping SensorUp achieve our mission.

Adhering to GTI Veritas and OGMP 2.0 standards our platform enables you to align with industry best practices and regulatory requirements. This commitment not only promotes regulatory compliance but also elevates the environmental stewardship of your operations.

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