July 31, 2023

Welcoming Our New CEO Terry Cunningham: A New Chapter for SensorUp

We are thrilled to announce that Terry Cunningham, a seasoned Silicon
Valley veteran, has joined SensorUp, Inc. as our new Chief Executive Officer.

As we searched for our next CEO, our board members insisted we set ambitious criteria. I heeded their advice and, on a simple sheet of paper, penned my wish list:: a comprehensive background in SaaS, cloud-based enterprise software platforms, geospatial technologies, and the Internet of Things, along with a record of scaling enterprise software startups successfully more than... four, five, or six times? I picked a number arbitrarily. Also, the ability to construct a partner ecosystem that fosters a network effect was crucial. Importantly, we desired someone to resonate with our company values and culture. Despite initially thinking we may not locate an individual meeting all these criteria, we found Terry, who checked all the boxes and more!  Then we started our months-long journey to lure him in, and we did it!

Terry brings to SensorUp an impressive track record in SaaS, enterprise software, and cloud computing, rendering him an invaluable asset to our team. His strategic insights and wealth of experience will propel SensorUp to unprecedented success in the methane emission management landscape.

We are privileged to welcome Terry at this critical juncture for SensorUp. As a global pioneer in enterprise software for methane emissions Measurement, Reporting, Verification, and Repair (MRVR), we are turning the challenge of methane emissions into an unprecedented opportunity for technological innovation and environmental stewardship with our Gas Emissions Management Solution (GEMS).

Terry's enthusiasm for our mission is inspiring. In his words, "Joining SensorUp presents an exciting challenge. We're not just redefining Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR). We're enhancing it by creating sophisticated software features that expedite environmental benefits by
reducing methane emissions. This aligns perfectly with my aspiration to lead a change initiative, ensuring a healthier, safer planet for future generations."

As our CEO, Terry will primarily focus on building a robust global partner network, defining a clear vision, and recruiting exceptional talent to make that vision a reality. With his expertise in data and predictive modeling and experience in SaaS and cloud computing, Terry is ideally
suited to excel in these roles.

When I talked with Mike Bishop, Investment Director at Climate Investments and SensorUp
Board member, he agreed, "Terry brings wide-ranging software expertise that aligns perfectly
with SensorUp's mission. His experience managing large global organizations offers a solid
foundation for SensorUp to scale and deploy GEMS in the Oil and Gas enterprise. His
background also aligns seamlessly with future strategic funding, partnerships, and revenue

As the founder of SensorUp, I'm delighted to welcome Terry to our team at this pivotal time. We are on the verge of significant growth that requires a seasoned software executive's unique skills and knowledge. Under Terry's guidance, we are confident that SensorUp will continue to deliver value for operational and ESG teams, spearheading the path toward a net-zero future in the oil and gas industry.

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